Team Pistol Pink 2011 Gumball 3000 – 3000 Miles of Mayhem

Monaco to Venice

Again....1 hour sleep and off!! This time to Venice with a checkpoint for lunch. Made a fatal mistake leaving the Fairmont...turned the wrong way to everyone else??? No sat nav either.....really not quite sure what happened on this leg but got totally lost...had no clue where I was going!! I was in touch with other Gumballers via phone and twitter but didnt know where the hell I was heading! Somehow ended up screaming up behind a Gumball GT3 RS....totally random as was in the middle of nowhere.....we pulled into a garage and turns out he had no idea where he was going too....decided to give the checkpoint a miss as heard that other Gumballers were heading off from the checkpoint anyway. I followed the Porsche and after a while it started smoking, he kept having to stop and check the coolant but after a while the car looked like it had had enough. Poor guy had to call a recovery truck and really nothing else that could be done so headed off into oblivion still not really knowing where I was going....just kept heading for signs to Italy! Floored it all the way there and eventually started to see other Gumball cars so then stuck with them.....ended up driving with the Sheik again so knew he would know where to go. Managed to get there pulled into the car park and then hopped on a water taxi to the hotel......never been to Venice before, it was just like I imagined it would be though.......beautiful.

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