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Team Pistol Pink 2011 Gumball 3000 – 3000 Miles of Mayhem


Well, we arrived in Belgrade and ended up driving round and round and round until finally got to the Hotel. It was so sad to see little children begging at the side of the road for bits of change....their sweet little faces made me feel sad that these kids had to do this to get by.....eventually arrived at Hotel Continental and Buttsy pulled up and did some mad doughnuts right outside the hotel and the crowd went mental....was really cool. Afterwards it looked like a UFO had been there with the big black rings it created. Some people were moaning about the Hotel as it wasnt as nice as the others we had stayed in but it was probably one of the best ones in Belgrade.....people seem to forget what that place has been through over the years and I just felt very lucky to be there. It was like stepping back in time but surely thats part of the adventure?? Quite a few people headed off to the boat party but I just spent the night in the bar having a semi chilled one as I knew that I had a 14 hour drive in front of me to Istanbul, and so far managed to survive on minimal sleep! Now this is the part of the Gumball where it really got interesting....there is a reason why I have not even mentioned my co driver so far.....from the minute he got in the car at Paris he turned into my worst nightmare! I have never had to endure a journey with someone so negative about everything, all they did was moan and be aggressive so I totally switched off to it and drove along the whole route in my own happy little bubble. I went to bed at 1.30am and he came to the room at 5am and started shouting at me and telling me we had to leave, there was no way I was going to drive through Serbia as the lone ranger as I wanted to leave at 8am with all of the other Gumballers. Basically the upshot was I said I didnt want to do the final leg with him so he either got in with someone else or flew home. I picked up my stuff walked out and asked about in reception to see if I could get another co driver. By pure chance I met a great girl called Courtney and we met, hit it off and both knew the ride to Istanbul was going to be a complete blast!!

Buttsy parking the car (CLICK ME)

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