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Team Pistol Pink 2011 Gumball 3000 – 3000 Miles of Mayhem

Belgrade to Istanbul

This leg was the best of the whole rally...had an amazing lady as a co driver and we had a great journey....14 hours of pure fun!! The roads through Bulgaria were mad!! We got completely lost and ended up losing everyone else, had no working sat nav and ended up in the middle of nowhere!! We ended up in a tiny Bulgarian village after going over an Indiana Jones style bridge and ended up driving on tracks rather than a road. We saw some dudes with their donkeys and carts and stopped and asked them the way to Istanbul, dont think a pink Ferrari had ever been through their village and we stopped for photo's and gave them cigarettes and they were so happy! We had to stop and buy a map but couldnt even tell if it was upside down or not! The roads were crazy...a horse came out of nowhere and we nearly hit it...there were dead dogs lying on the road and allsorts....it was certainly different to the roads we had been on so far. I have no idea how we got back on the right track but we did. The Bulgarian police were amazing...they just kept waving us on to go faster! That was a first!! Doesnt seem to happen in England?? We reached some incredible speeds on those roads and just seemed to be overtaking everything! We made it to the Turkish border and there were loads of Gumballers there and more arrived, it seemed pretty much most of the Gumball cars were there. At this point we thought we were going to get to Istanbul around 8pm which meant plenty of time to party but then we all got held up at the border for nearly 3 hours! After a real nightmare getting through, we floored it to Istanbul and made it to the hotel....I couldnt believe it, it was a real head boggle arriving.......It was nuts thinking after everything we had been through we had completed the Gumball in 1 piece!!!!

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