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Team Pistol Pink 2011 Gumball 3000 – 3000 Miles of Mayhem

Istanbul….the finishing post!!

Got to the Hotel soooooooo late....was mentally, physically and emotionally battered but felt great all at the same time! Didnt have a lot of strength left so managed to find a porters trolley and we put our cases, a bunch of flowers and a bottle of vodka on there and just hung on to the trolley. We were drinking neat vodka with the Dudesons in reception until we got checked in. I literally hung on to the trolley until getting to the room and then we got changed and off to the wrap party! Stopped by at the Hilton on the way and met an Armani model who worked there as well as modelling. Never met a male Armani model before but being as it was Gumball nothing really surprised me anymore. It must have been about 1am before getting to Reina (the club) then just proceeded to let our hair down. The club was amazing, it was a Wednesday night in Istanbul and the place was rocking! We had such a good time but it is all a bit hazy..............somehow we got back to the Hotel and collapsed!

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