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Team Pistol Pink 2011 Gumball 3000 – 3000 Miles of Mayhem


Decided to take the truck out for a blast to Awesomefest.....knew a few people that we going and thought it would be good fun. It was like driving a waterbed down the M1 in the truck....great fun though as you cant help but do anything but cruise in it. Made it there around lunchtime and there were loads of cars flying sideways down the Mallory Park track. Got some trade tickets so parked in the paddock right next to the dance tent...this was not one of my best idea's! Headed over to see Julian who owns Garage D and he straight away offered to take me round the track.....woweeeeeee it was so good and didnt stop smiling the whole time...def got the drifting bug now and looking out for a car to practice in. Was surprised at the lack of girls doing it so feel an all girl PistolPink racing team coming on!!

Well the night turned into complete carnage.... the dance tent rocked! We had so much fun (from what I can remember). After the dance tent packed in I just remember tons of people coming back to the truck....reckon there must have been about 30 people in and out through the course of the night...people just kept coming past and knocking on the doors! It was like a mobile chillout den. Waking up the next morning wasnt so clever though as for some reason I ended up all crunched up in the front and randoms in the back!! Great weekend though and definitely will go again next year

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